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First: Manuscript Service

This charity has rendered this project a special attention and care and further prioritized this project for its significance. By doing so, the entity aimed to avert any shortcoming to which our nations are regrettably heading towards at the time of deterioration. Even that books of a number of our famous clerics may not have origins but in the Western Countries. As a matter of fact, the service of manuscripts is provided thru the following topics:

1.Maintenance and Restoration:

This refers to the process of maintenance and restoration of all manuscripts likely to be at the end stages of damage. It further refers to maintain the original manuscripts thru tools and means necessary to ensure its integrity and safety and upkeep them as much as possible in a satisfactory condition. This service also includes fighting these adverse factors and elements thru modern tools and instruments so that we would guarantee its steadfastness against time. These treasures are considered landmarks of our civilization and the link between us and our past.



This is among the most important issues since photocopying is considered one of the most important means to maintain and upkeep the heritage and a safe roadmap to have access to international manuscripts and an easy tool for researchers. But for this tool, nothing of the Islamic Heritage could be easily published since no one could have an easy access to the originals, neither to the direct transportation unless after exerting much efforts, which most probably lead into refraining from publishing. By adopting this service, researchers have managed to have more than copies for comparison and assurance of what they convey. Thus, several academic centers have rushed into photocopying the largest number of manuscripts.



This topic is of top significance. It is the first thing researchers are looking for. Thru indexing, the origin can be detected and other aspects could be uncovered. Indexing reveals the preliminary knowledge of the book and its author. It further uncovers the art, features and characteristics of the book probably according to the indexing approach. Often, indexing provides an all-out description about the book. For the significance of indexing, world libraries keep for themselves a separate private indexing – sometimes for other libraries. However, approaches and curriculums diversify according to the indexing arrangement. So, this topic has been given much attention in order to serve as a lighthouse which uncovers the library content of illustrated manuscripts. More than that, indexing would uncover the hardcopy fundamental references available at the library of the entity. Indexes are to be clear cut, be easily accessed, and to the point since it would be drawn up by specialists and noble intellects and experts. As the library of the Charity has copies of manuscripts and print-outs, the index are to be categorized into two sections: One for sending Bayan Rays on the manuscripts The other would be related to the manuscripts




Second: Academic Research Service

Undoubtedly, academic research is a scientific process for which facts and studies are compiled. In academic research, corporeal and incorporeal elements are satisfied with respect to a certain topic in the specialty so as to be checked according to prescribed academic parameters. The researcher shall then have a certain stance of such so as to conclude new findings. This is what is called the Findings or Conclusion of the study. Following are the most important features and characteristics of it. Objectivity; reaching the fact as is supported by evidence and proof Being far from personal and external influences which are likely to affect the parameters and criteria Thanks for the significance of academic research, and to the aim of attainment of positive effects of heritage, the Charity has envisioned to take the route of research service and provision of necessary support at the same time.

1.Provision of Direct Support to Specialized Research Tanks/Centers:

To help these research tanks/centers continue with such distinctive academic parameters and constraints To promote and help advance the searching process to achieve the target level in all disciplines of academic research.

2.Encouragement of All Stakeholders:

To encourage all those qualified for conducting academic research to be concerned with the treasures of heritage; and considerably contribute to this discipline Thru such corporeal support, the aim is to know that the manuscript is intended to be published, however, according to parameters and criteria of an entity concerned with scientific advancement.

In addition, should the Charity / Organization find an academic research in any knowledge-related discipline, and such a research has fulfilled the fundamental specifications, features and parameters of a distinctive research, and be fully qualified to be publicly published as it represents a very important issue and may benefit the society, the Charity / Organization is all ready to totally support such a research until be printed out.

Third: Dialog of Civilizations

This is the third section fostered by the Charity Organization. This topic has been given support so as to serve as an effective instrument in educating the Islamic nation about those sharing life with it on Planet Earth. The terms of “Dialog and Argument” can be defined as a conversation held between two parties or more than that where it is meant to be correcting words, demonstrating a plea, proving a right, defending a claim, or contesting and challenging a viewpoint. Among the means are the logic methods, argument measurements of introductions and conclusions as indicated in the textbooks of logic and literature of research and debate. In this sense, the aim of Dialog refers to establishing the evidence and proof, refuting the suspicion and corrupted ideas and viewpoint. It is considered cooperation between parties of the debate concerning identification and conclusion of the fact and adopting the proper routes of inference to reach the right. Undoubtedly, Islam can absorb everything in this discipline and for each and every fair discussion void of fanaticism and whims. Islam accepts any abstract discussion aiming to conclude the facts. Though legislations in Islam accept the other as previously indicated; however, the dialog we are talking about here differs than the issues of argument and debate. It further distances itself from argumentations which aim to establish evidence and proof; and landmark the topics thru having evidence. Rather, it is meant to be a figurative sense of dialog. It is all about setting up a specialized library having the most important divine books and old civilizations. It further hosts study of religions and identification of those religions as are they regardless of beliefs of their invalidity. The motives lurking behind such a notion and setting up this library are indicated as follows: